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Get answers to all your queries from our Professional Locksmiths at Leeds.

How can you find if my double glazing needs repairing?

There can be various alarming conditions due to which you could know that it is the high-time to replace your double glazing needs repairing. There can be draughts around your windows There can be cracks around the window Irritating condensation problem Difficulty in using windows Your windows have a water leaking problem

My windows look old and misted. Should I replace them?

Yes, it is when you need new windows because the previous ones are misted now that can be cleaned or not. If it can be cleaned, we’ll clean it. Otherwise, you have to replace the window.

How should I maintain my Windows units?

It is not challenging to maintain window units. You need to take care of it. Clean your windows every day Oil the locks for properly working mechanism Spray windows at least twice a year Make sure that they are not harshly handled.

How to open a UPVC window with a broken mechanism?

It is better not to experiment on your own. Our professionals know every changing behavior of doors and windows. Hence give us a call for attaining quick services in Leeds.

Can you adjust the UPVC window hinges?

Yes, hello window has an expert team of locksmiths that can perform various doors and windows repairing and replacing tasks within no time. We also assist in replacing and repairing handles, locks, and hinges.

How do I know if my double glazing is falling?

When there are draughts near the window Water leakage Huge condensation Energy bills are increasing Difficulty using windows If you face any problems mentioned above, call us and get your window repaired or replaced.

Can you get condensation out of double glazing?

Yes, you can get condensation out of double glazing if it is less. You can use a hairdryer for it. But if it spreads all over the window or door, contacting us would be the best choice for you.

Can a UPVC door be repaired?

Yes, it is a super easy and fun task to repair D-shaped UPVC doors. No matter how wrong your UPVC door is, give us one call, and we will be there to improve your UPVC door within no time.

Can You repair a UPVC door that is not closing correctly?

Yes, our professionals at hello window can conveniently repair a UPVC door that is not closing correctly. It might get d-shaped, so it just needs some fitting and scrubbing, and it will be all set. More we can describe after visiting your place.

Why won’t my window shut all the way?

It can be because of shifting foundations. When you observe that your window is not shutting properly, give us a call and let us repair it in no time because your safety is our priority.

How do I fix the windows that don’t lock?

There is no other way of fixing it on your own except calling hello window’s professional locksmith to repair or replace the lock of your window and make it new with firm locking.

Can you replace locks on windows and doors?

Yes, our professional locksmiths are well-versed in replacing all types of locks on both doors and windows.

How much life does double glazing glass have?

Double glazing glass can cross around 25-35 years conveniently if you do not take care of it. The glass will not reach the described limit.

How do I know that it is UPVC window replacement time?

UPVC windows have almost 20 years lifespan, and it varies from 10 to 35 years. When it needs to be replaced, you will get it because they become faulty, produce audible outside noise, severe storms, high utility bills, etc

How much does it cost to repair misted double glazing glass?

It depends on the glass and size of the window or door. But if you want to get an exact estimate, calculate it on our estimate calculator because our prices are close to this estimate.

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